Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider #STO

Well.  New Winter Event Ship.  Took one out for a round or two in the old Cap ‘n ‘Splode.  Very interesting little ship.  MES, by the way, is no battle cloak.  Didn’t stop me from trying it.  The painful bit is the team buffs that drop you right out of it.  Use at your own risk.  I did go very tac heavy for these runs using the Cmdr and Lt Cmdr for Tactical.  I think that reserving the Lt Cmdr for Science and using the two piece console bonus to a better advantage is certainly  more interesting than what I have tried so far, and likely more effective as well.

In other words, High Yield Torpedo Three isn’t a deal breaker for this ship.  At least for those of us that use torpedoes.  There’s room in here for Tyken’s or other draining goodies to pile up on the bad guys and ships with no power are right near the top of the list of ‘fun things to shoot at’.  And really on a limited focused Tac Build, HYT3 is the only reason I keep a Lt Cmdr as Tactical.  But that’s just me!  I’m sure Omega would be at home there as well on a shoot and scoot build!  This is a very preliminary stage of life for this ship in  PVP.

Very maneuverable?  Yes.  Very survivable?  Yes.  Good firepower?  Yes.  Flexible console layout?  Not so much.  Sort of.  If you really like drain builds, there is that.

The Tac consoles are certainly there.  If you were to fly this Tac/Tac it certainly supports that.  If you wish to use the Breen Consoles to the fullest they do lend themselves nicely to a drain build.  You need to decide what you give up for that.  Obviously you could zero out your engineering with the Breen consoles and dramatically boost your drains and still max out your tactical.  Or you could hedge your bet and cut into your tactical boost but keep engineering intact.

I’m leaning towards sacrificing the engineering to the Breen Consoles for the next PVP adventure.   Everyone loves a drain build right?  Me?  I think they suck.   Anyhow’s here’s the link!



Anyway just a quick and dirty look to whet your PVP chops on if some of you were on the fence if you wanted to get this or not.  Keep in mind, it comes in a box.  So GET it and decide later if you want to use a ship slot on it, but don’t miss the chance.


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