Voth Bulwark Dreadnought Cruiser #STO
Snapshot 2 (12-21-2013 8-20 PM)

Well here’s a ship that is purpose built to be a bugger to kill.  And if you do manage to get it killed, it comes with 24 hour roadside assistance.  It is equipped with a hangar bay that out of the box sports Heavy Fighters.  There’s  a very rare quality wide arc Voth Transphasic Torpedo, perfect for those targets that insist on being speedy and keeping shields up.  If you are fortunate enough to have all three of the Voth Consoles you unlock the Voth Battle Cloak.  Interesting ability.  It grants an extra resistance rating when activated on top of what the fortified hull bonus from the two piece grants.

Oh and it has five engineering console slots.  Three science.  Two tactical.  At first look perhaps not very interesting.  There have been similar layouts and they’ve never really set the game on fire.  Well now there’s a bit more variety in engineering consoles.  Fleet consoles and Dyson reputation consoles have multiple effects.  One type that I favor is the plus defense console.  Passive defense that can’t be robbed is always desirable.  Ask a Romulan!  Science consoles have also received a similar treatment.  So if you were of a mind to do so you could jam all three Voth consoles on this ship and still have a Dreadnought that’s above average in almost every measure of performance.  It will be a bit better at everything and just be incredibly sturdy at the same time.  And have all those neato Voth specials.

Normally I prefer a more balanced layout.  A 4-2-4 is my personal happy spot.  I just don’t like the 5th spot.  Makes me feel sort of obligated to use the entire row for class specific consoles.  These new consoles for engineering and science are changing that feeling and making me think that some of the other ship configurations that I’ve passed over deserve another look.

Well take a peek at the video, and see if you can think of any big old faction ships with 3 special consoles and lots of engineering slots that could possibly do with a makeover.  I know the names will come to me.  If I try.





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